Lead Time

We ship in-stock items within two days. We keep a small inventory, but much of what we do is custom crafted to order and lead times can vary. Please reach out with the items you have in mind and we will give you an accurate timeline and accommodate you if we can.  



Most of our metal is machined out of solid aluminum and black anodized to put total focus on color and light. It is exceptionally durable and we can happily brag about a tarnish free lifespan that dwarfs traditional jewelry. Please do your best to avoid long drops onto hard surfaces, but we have enough swagger about the strength of reinforced quartz glass that we almost dare you. The circus line does use thinner glass to make room for those fun balls (Ahem, "spheres". Designers say "spheres.") so those are the pieces to be most careful with. 

The one very important thing to remember is to avoid getting the magnetic clasps wet in the shower or pool, since all magnets- and we've researched and tested magnet plating to exhaustion and poverty- *all* magnets capable of clasping have the potential to rust when submerged in water for long periods. If you forget, we'll replace them for free. Our clasps are designed for disassembly, so the only thing that will be thrown away is the magnet. Keep this in mind and your ancestors will discover your immaculate black anodized jewelry among your ruins. Ain't bragging if it's true.



While our focus is black metal, we plate other metals for the longest possible lifespan and use rhodium instead of silver because it looks identical but doesn't tarnish or scratch as easily. It is common practice for fine jewelers to plate higher value rhodium over silver for this reason. Our gold is plated 2.5 microns thick (that's really very thick) and all other metals just as thick as they will let us.


Returns and repairs

We stand by our work and if there is a quality issue, please get in touch and we will make it right. Because all of our items are currently custom crafted to order, we aren't officially accepting returns at this time. That said, we're very nice and like the attention, so we will probably be pushovers if you reach out.

We repair user damaged items on a case-by-case basis and may charge a fee depending on the nature of the repair, but again, we're pretty nice. Some of our more complex techniques prevent disassembly, but we design for disassembly and repair whenever possible.



Gouging for shipping is boring. We'll ship with tracking for free unless you want something special. If the website gives you guff, let us know and we'll make it be good. 


Can we brag about our clasps again for a minute

We designed an extremely strong magnetic clasp with invisible mechanical connections and no glue or soldering of any kind. This means all of our necklaces can be taken apart with zero waste in the event that they ever need repair. 

They also feel nice and are fun to play with.



All of our jewelry is nickel free except for the plating on the magnets inside of our clasps. This will not come in contact with your skin, but is a consideration for those with nickel allergies.


Privacy Policy

We will not sell, trade or otherwise give out your personal information to any third party. Ever. Like ever ever.